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Sep 14, 2012 03:48 PM

St Pete Butcher Shop

I am looking for a good butcher shop/ meat market in St Pete. I want to start grinding my own meat and also the occasional prime steak. Any dry aged product available? Looking for high quality and variety. How is the Meat House on Central?


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  1. I have never been to the Meat House so I can't help you on that. You will see some prime grade meats at Mazzaro's on 22nd. I get most of my meats these days from Restaurant Depot and there is a new location in Largo opening up this month on the 19th. The only problem is you need to be in the business to get a membership. While I am not in the business, I was able to get a card based on my membership with the Kansas City Barbecue Society. Sam's used to carry prime up on Rt. 60 in Clearwater but I don't think they do anymore. Publix used to carry some prime steaks also but that has gone by the wayside.

    Sorry I am not much help. BTW, Mazzaro's does have some dry aged I believe also. I got a dry aged Prime grade rib roast from last year that was outstanding.

    1. The best quality beef around the Tampa Bay area:


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        Wow, I checked out the photo gallery on their website. Never been, but this place looks like the real deal. I was looking for seafood pics but couldn't find any, but that meat case and homemade goodie cases looked enticing! Also, one of the pics shows "dry aged beef" available. Let us know how you like it, floridaeater.

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          I know the owners and they are a wonderful family. Really nice wine selections as well.

      2. If you groupon, Surf and Turf is on there periodically. I go every couple of months and stock up.