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Best ceviches in Toronto

My new addiction is ceviche. Looking for some suggestions for places that serve some good ceviche dishes.

I heard that they have a great octopus one on the menu at Fishbar on Ossington, and have heard good things about Cava as well.

Just trying to compile a list of places to try different types.


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  1. Milagro does some nice ceviches. Generous portions, too.

    1. Haven't had it in a while, and I'm not sure it's still on the menu but the Hamachi ceviche at Nota Bene is amazing.

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        They do a hamachi crudo at their new sister restaurant - Carbon Bar that is delicious!

      2. Haven't been in a while, but I remember Foxley had amazing ceviches!

        And agreed w/ the Nota Bene one

          1. Torito has a tasty one. $12 I believe.

            1. I enjoyed the ceviche at La Carnita

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                EDIT: Got La Carnita confused with El Catrin. El Catrin's is one of the best things on their menu but $12 for a tablespoon-full is a bit disappointing.

              2. Both myself and Mrs. Sippi like the ceviche at the Equadorian place in the Latin Food Court on Milvan.
                I think a couple other vendors in there might do them as well.


                1. I second TorontoJo's comment on Milagro's ceviche. I've tried a number of the ones they offer (at the Queen St W location) and each time they were delicious and the portions were definitely generous.
                  In general, I quite like Milagro's food.

                  1. agave y aguacate's is horrific...

                    for octopus...try to track down a pulpo gallego....it's world famous from galicia in northern spain but not sure if you can find a decent one in toronto....

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                    1. Seven lives does a daily ceviche that has always been a hit for me, changes between varieties of fish, shrimp, octopus etc. very solid

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                        7 lives had a shrimp and scallop ceviche this past sunday for lunch. quite fresh, scallops "cooked" right, and great value at $7 (tax-in). would have been more interesting with the shrimp ceviche-d (?) from raw though.

                        went also on Friday after work (just before close @ 7pm) and they were sold out of their daily ceviche. was told they usually sell out of the ceviche around 4pm.

                      2. I really like the ceviche from El Caballito. It's what I would call "a bar with really good food."

                        1. Bar Isabel's whole fish ceviche is a bit non-traditional but is excellent. Second Foxley. Big fan of Grand Electric's tuna ceviche as well, but it's also non-traditional.

                          1. I second:
                            -Seven LIves ($7!!)
                            -Bar Isabel

                            Would add:
                            -Guu (scallop)
                            -Kingyo (uni)
                            -Chiado (grouper)

                            1. There are some excellent inexpensive ceviche dishes all along St. Clair Ave. Mi Tierra, Dona Luz, El Fogon and El Plebeyo are my four favourites. Different flavours in each place, lots of fun.

                              1. the SO likes the ceviche at seven lives in kensington market (i have no idea as i am vegetarian :))

                                1. Bloom restaurant in Bloor West Village has an excellent ceviche in its appetizer menu -- my wife loves it.

                                  1. The ceviches at Foxley stand out as some of the best I've had in the world (Peru, Mexico, Spain, US, BC). Plump pieces of fish, exciting and balanced marinade (so good I drank it out of the dish once the bites were done -- mmm yuzu), and overall satisfying flavour and texture.

                                    I was really into the whole fish ceviche at Bar Isabel the first time I had it, but then the second time I had it was the night after I'd been at Foxley and the side-by-side comparison left me underwhelmed by Bar Isabel... not because it was lacking, but the ceviche at Foxley was just that much more interesting and flavourful. I do love the under the gill meat on the whole deep fried fish carcass they serve the ceviche atop of at Isabel.

                                    Was planning to try to ceviches at Valdez, but the recent reviews have given me pause.