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Sep 14, 2012 03:38 PM


Anyone been to Dassara in Carroll gardens yet? It's getting good reviews and we are considering a trip. Curious if anyone has checked it out! Much thanks!

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  1. Wife and I gave it a shot tonight, went around 7:15 and we got the last open table there, pretty good traffic in and out the entire time. Started with steamed buns with adobo chicken which were absolutely delicious, although at 2 small buns for $8 I thought it was a bit small. Wife had the Chicken ramen, which was chicken broth but had pork belly, the broth was good and not too salty which has always been my biggest complaint of Momofuku. I had the white clam mazemen, both of our dishes were very tasty and solid portions, though mine was a fair bit lighter than hers so I didn't feel completely full and probably wouldn't order it again unless I wasn't very hungry.

    If I had any complaints it was about the service. They brought out her ramen dish about 6 minutes before mine. I noticed for the table sitting next to us had ordered the same 2 ramen dishes we had, but they brought out 2 chicken ramens instead of one chicken and one clam. I had ordered a beer, a Narrangansett lager can which on my menu had said $3. When the bill came it was $4. Apparently there's 2 versions of the menu, one with the soft-opening prices still floating around, which was the original $3. Not a huge deal, we're talking about $1, but instead of just saying "sorry about that I will adjust the bill" his tone made me feel like I was being cheap when all I was doing was pointing out the mistake. That aside...Our bill was $37 plus tax I believe, I gave $50 cash, and after waiting about 10 minutes for change, had to let the server know that I had not in fact left him a $10 tip on a $40 meal. When he brought my change he brought 2 $5 bills, so I had to ask to break one of the $5's into singles which seemed like common sense to me. I know they've only been open about 6 weeks, so I'm hoping they will either get their act together, or get a new waiter.

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      This is a shining example of how restaurants with "suggestion box" / comment cards attached to the checks truly care about process improvement...and their futures.

      No customer, especially a rookie, should be treated as you were. Waiting for the check is one thing, but the arrogant expectations that you'll either leave (after 10 minutes) and overtip (with inadequately made change) are inexcusable. And your menu price for a Narragansett should've been honored. You paid cash. Send a message: Tip low or no.

      Just think: Having a feedback mechanism at the point-of-sale may just send management a message about its help (or food, atmo, etc.) AND keep the rant contained rather than it showing up on Chowhound or other public domain for all to see.

      1. re: Mike R.

        fishermb's post totally raised my hackles. This place has been on my list to check out. It is now off my list. I don't look to be sucked up to but I DO expect any business to act as if I were special simply because of the fact that of all the gin mills in this crazy world I chose theirs to spend some time and money. Perhaps I am overreacting but the issues mentioned above push all the wrong buttons for me.