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Sep 14, 2012 01:39 PM

Dessert for a crowd (to pick up) for this weekend- Brooklyn

I need to bring dessert for 10-15 people for a family dinner thing this weekend. Normally I would make something myself, but I have a newborn baby and just don't have the time. They aren't expecting anything super special, and would be just as happy with a fruit salad - that I CAN handle, but was trying to come up with something else. We live in Cobble Hill, but have a car so we can easily get around the borough. Something other than cake would be preferred. We have enjoyed the Four and Twenty pies in the past; so that would have been a possibility, but they need advance notice, and anyway I would rather not spend $70+ on dessert for the dinner. Any ideas?

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  1. How about Villabate-Alba, bring gelato, a couple of quarts and buy their brioche buns to make icecream sandwiches. The gelato is to die for especially the pistacio and strawberry. I brought a cooler with ice and did that last month, everyone loved it. Or just get some of their italian pastry you can't miss with that either. I don't know what's on your side of Brooklyn but we have Aunt Butchies here on 13th Ave.I believe around 68th St for cheesecake, I'm not a big Juniors fan. Whatever you decide hope you all enjoy:)

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      I second Villabate-Alba. BonnieB knows what she's talking about.

    2. Might be too late but if you want to consider a totally different flavor/style set, you can get a large spread of delicious stuff at Damascus bakery on Atlantic.