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Sep 14, 2012 01:10 PM

Recommendations please: 10th Anniversary with school age kids in Toronto

Hi Foodies.

I'm new to Chowhound and would love to get recommendations on where to celebrate our 10th anniversary with our two kids, ages 9 and 7.

I'd love to have a great dining experience with food that is out of this world. But, also keep the kids entertained and not complaining. I've considered 360 at the CN Tower, but if the view is great, and the food sucks, why bother. Canoe looks impressive, but suspect foie gras won't appeal to the kids, nor by husband.

I'm thinking Italian, Japanese Teppanyaki.....please help!

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  1. teppanyaki is fun for kids, but food is usually meh and overpriced.

    i would suggest enoteca maialino at queen and roncesvalles. book the 'chef''s table' which is a counter where you can watch and interact with those preparing your food.

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      I checked out the website and the menu is scrumptious. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

    2. Not teppanyaki, but Guu Izakaya would be fun for the kids and have good food for you. No reservations, so go early to avoid a wait.

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        I found their website but it doesn't really tell you to much. Can you tell me more about it? What's the food like? The atmosphere? Thanks for the post.

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          Japanese small plates -- anything from noodles to fried stuff (brie! squid! eggplant!) to grilled black cod (very tasty) and various Japanese salads. The Annex location also has some maki, I believe. Gets lots of plates to sample and share. Order more as you find dishes you like. All very tasty. The atmosphere is casual and VERY boisterous. The Japanese servers do a lot of yelling at each other and the kitchen. Lots of fun. Your kids will love it. Get some sake for yourselves and virgin cocktails for the kids. And while it's not upscale fine dining, I think it's a very enjoyable way to spend an anniversary meal.

          Here's the menu if you haven't had a chance to look:

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            Or get a ramune (Japanese soda) for the kids -- it has a big ball that they have to pop down through the neck of the bottle before they can drink it. My niece LOVES them.

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              I heartily second the rec for Guu. Great food. Totally fun. The Annex outpost is easier to get into has but, in my opinion, doesn't match the vibe of the original location. Be prepared for a half-hour or so wait. Oh, and be sure to tell them you're celebrating your anniversary - I've been there twice when someone in the room was celebrating a birthday. They'll serenade you Guu-style - very fun(ny).

            2. re: DaoFooFa

              We are fans of Guu and my 12 year old son likes it too BUT I don't feel it's the right atmosphere for an anniversary. The yelling is funny at first but makes it very hard to talk and gets down right annoying after a while. I'm sure you can find a better compromise between interesting for the kids and intimate for your anniversary.

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            1. Yuzu on Adelaide is great Japanese I also like Waboro in the Thompson Hotel but its pricier Miranda