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Sep 14, 2012 01:07 PM

Questions on preservatives, PH, and making my food last longer?

Can anyone direct me to any books or sites that can help me understand preservatives a little better?

I have read that bringing the ph to less then 3.6 would help give me the acidity needed to ward off bacteria etc.

But when i do this i do get a very VINEGARY taste which i find unpleasant and ruins my sauces, hot sauces etc.

In this case .. what would i do? Maybe try citric acid? or would that just make it sour as well?

would the preservative potassium sorbate help in this case?

I am weary that the amount of vinegar needed for a proper ph would compromise the flavors i have and tltimately render it useless since i wouldnt use the acidic food.

Would i have to another route?

Canning in mason jars? would this help preserve sauces etc?

thanks a bunch

any info would help!


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    1. I suggest you get the latest edition of the Ball Blue Book.

      1. Have you done a google search? I used "preserving food" as a search term the resulting list of topics is comprehensive and seemingly trustworthy. A good first read would be the wikipedia article, followed by the "how stuff works" website, followed by the articles giving practical advice. Then purchase the books todao has kindly linked for you.

        There are lots of resources out there if you look for them.