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Re: Oxygen dependent visitor staying at Cambridge Hyatt in mid-October

I am looking for suggestions for restaurants, museums, etc. within walking distance for
a 63 year old reasonably fit woman who has to lug around an oxygen cart. No, I never smoked. It is fairly difficult to climb up and down stairs as my device weighs around 15 lbs.
I looked thorough the boards but didn't seeing anyone posting about handicapped accessible places within walking distance.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Unfortunately the Cambridge Hyatt is not located well for easy walking distance access to much of anything other than the hotel's own restaurants. Central Square and Kendall Square have plenty of restaurants, many of which are not up or down stairs, but they're all between 1 and 1.5 miles from the hotel.

    Except for the MIT Museum (about a mile away) all of the local museums are even farther away. I'm afraid you will probably need to take taxis to and from most of your destinations.

    1. Folks, please help lasvegasoleander with suggestions for dining; suggestions about museums and other accommodations are off topic, and we'll remove 'em.

      1. There is very little in the immediate vicinity of the Hyatt in Cambridge. You might consider walking one way and cabbing back to the hotel. Can you provide more detail as to what you are looking for?

        There are a few higher end places (Salts, Craigie on Main) which are well regarded on this board which would be about a mile's walk. There is lots in that general area and distance if you can be more specific as to your dining likes and dislikes.

        Unfortunately our friendly over-moderators have threatened to remove and other suggestions about museums, etc. so I can't help you there or the restaurant advice will disappear as well. However the hotel concierge should be able to point you in the right direction.

        1. The Cambridge Hyatt is poorly located for most tourists on foot.

          Hardly anything within walking distance even w/o oxygen.

          If its not too late to switch hotels, I'd suggest that. Otherwise, it's not too badly situated for travel to restaurants by taxi.

          1. Hi,
            Thanks for the responses thus far. My spouse has a conference at this hotel. Unfortunately the conference sponsors did not set up any outings for the significant others not participating. I do like museums, historical monuments, etc.
            I will look at the restaurants mentioned and do appreciate the recommendations.
            I will be consulting with the concierge but I find it much more helpful to talk to nonaffiliated people. I am rather disappointed to find out about how far I will be from getting to Boston and the historical sites there. I used to visit pre-oxygen with my then young son and the visit was aimed towards a youngster's interests. Again, I appreciate any suggestions.

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              The location is not that bad, but rather the walkability factor you requested is terrible. If you are willing to hop in a taxi you are no more than a quick 5-10 minute ride from many areas with excellent restaurants and cultural opportunities. You aren't far from the best Boston has to offer at all, your location is actually quite central.

              Again if you can offer some parameters, people here will more than help you with the dining aspect.

            2. Thanks for the many responses. I will eat almost any kind of food. I generally spend between $15.00-25 when dining out not including alcohol.
              I would like to go on the Haunted Tour at Harvard and understand that I will need to take a taxi there which is not a problem. Since it is at night are there taxis stands nearby? I don't mean to sound naive but we don't have adequate public transit in Las Vegas, unfortunately or taxis stands except for the casinos and at the airport.
              Again thanks to the many who have responded. I will visit the MIT Museum which sounds like fun.

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                there are taxi stands in Harvard Square...at the Charles Hotel near the river there is usually a long line of taxis waiting, and also right in the square in front of the Coop there is a line of taxis going off in that direction and across the street, on the other side of the out of town news stand on the island, is a line of taxis going in the other direction. You can also program local taxi numbers into your phone and just be sure you can give them a street number...which isn't always that easy given that so many streets in our area are not marked! There are lots of good places to eat in Harvard Square, just search this board. Also if you like chocolate, don't miss Burdicks in Harvard Square for very thick hot chocolate and beautiful truffles and candies.

                Also your hotel might provide limited transportation including coming to pick you up in Harvard Square after the tour. I would follow the recs for restaurants and snacks in Harvard Square here rather than anything your coinceirge might say!

              2. hope this might be helpful, esp if you are o.k. with taxis. your hotel concierge will call a taxi for you.
                boston guide by areas and restaurants:


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                  The hotel has a free shuttle which does its best to help guests. The hotel is located across from the Charles with a spectacular view of Boston. I would start out in Harvard Square at maybe grendell's or upstairs at the square.

                  Do walk along the river while at the hyatt.

                  The Cambridge cabs are cheaper then Boston. They flat rate to Logan and possibly other locations. Ask the concierge.

                2. It's not a CH destination restaurant, but if you like Japanese steakhouse there is a good one in the Marriot, straight shot down Memorial drive, probably a 10-15 minute walk along the river from the Hyatt. Also a Starbucks in the Trader Joe's strip mall just before that. You'll be about a $5-6 cab ride to Central Square, which has all sorts of good restaurants. The red line stop there has elevator service going one way and an escalator on the other side. Cheaper than cabbing it to Harvard Square. If you are cabbing try to avoid rush hour, it can get crazy, especially if there is a Sox game on. Another quick cab ride away is Helmand, an Afghan restaurant that a lot of hounds like. (Cab stand at the mall around the corner for getting back.) Definitely look into the Hyatt van, I live in the neighborhood and see them all the time.

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                    Thanks to all of you. I contacted the folks who operate the Haunted Harvard tour about transportation at night, too. I also contacted the river trips operators about the logistics.
                    I can't tell you how much I appreciate your taking the time to respond.

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                      Hi Again... if you can tell us what kind of food you're interested in we could help more, and will you be on your own? What kind of museums are you interested in? The Boston Museum of Science is fairly close to the Hyatt and they have an Omni theater: it's very handicapped accesible. In Central Square look for reviews about Craigie on Main, Rendezvous, Mary Chung's, etc. Most of the the Charles River trips leave from the Galleria Mall.