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Sep 14, 2012 12:50 PM

San Pedro Lobster Festival

Has anyone been before? I'm wondering whether the food alone makes it worth it to go. It's $10 admission, and then the "famous" lobster meal is $19 (1.25# lobster, sides that don't look special at all). But are there other food offerings that make it interesting at all?

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  1. Ports o' Call is a dump. You can get a better lobster at any of the Chinese seafood places in SGV

    1. It's kind of a County Fair atmosphere. The Lobster is decent. But the sides are nothing special. The seating is dodgy at best. There are often good bands. Parking can get crazy and may involve riding a bus from a remote lot, etc. But if you want to become part of the teeming masses and have some decent lobster, here ya go. Or you could just buy some lobster at a decent seafood place, steam it at home accompanied by some wine and music and be perfectly happy. How much do you like a crowd while scarfing down lobster? If I recall, you can get peel n eat shrimp as well.

      1. Went once won't return. Way too expensive for what you get.