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Sep 14, 2012 11:47 AM

romantic restaurant with a view suggestions?


My cousin is getting married next weekend and they're going to SF for their honeymoon. I'd like to surprise them with a gift card to someplace romantic with a great view. Any suggestions, as they are pretty "adventurous" when it comes to trying different foods (I'd prefer something along the lines of seafood or italian).


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  1. La Costanera in Half Moon Bay, though as for all places on the coast when it's foggy or the sun goes down there's no view.

    I'm not sure there is anyplace in SF with a view that's very romantic. Closest might be Waterbar. Boulevard has a great view but the romantic tables for two are at the other end of the room.

    1. you want romantic? You want a view? I give you Bella Vista in Woodside.

      1. Top of the Mark is probably your best bet for a consistent view. Even when the fog comes in, there is stuff to look at.

        With La Costanera or Cliff House, when the fog comes in there is just GREY....

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          Plus La Costanera (and Woodside for that matter) would require that they have a car, as both are well outside of SF.

        2. The Franciscian. Great view, Romantic, terrible food - as you requested.

          There is not a restaurant that has all three.

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            McCormick & Kuleto's has a passable view, can be slightly romantic during dusk, and has tourist-approved, mediocre food.

            It could be a contender for those who aren't too picky.

          2. Epic Roasthouse has a fairly romantic atmosphere, at least after dark.