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Sep 14, 2012 10:59 AM

Santa Barabara recs

Getting away for four days and three nights. Already have Cold Spring Tavern and return trips to La Super Rica and Stella Mare's on the itinerary. Anyone have favorites they can share? Comfortable yet unpretentious preferred, holes-in-the-wall that combine value/quality are especially solicited. Thank you.

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    1. Recently dined at the Boathouse. Good sea food and drinks right on the sand. Casual in a secluded cove.

      1. On Milpas- my favorites are El Bajio (100 block) and Las Agaves (400 or 500 block)- Las Agaves being scrumptious.

        Brophy Brothers, Sushi A Go-Go and SBShellfish in the harbor/wharf area. Have never been to the BoatHouse- but it get good marks, after a solid year of thumbs down from friends.

        In Goleta- my favorite is El Sitio (Fairview and Hollister- behind Taco Bell/ MickeyD's)- the best rajas tacos ever!

        If you are willing- check out Isla Vista- here is a link that may help!

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          +1 for El Bajio - the carne asada taco BLEW me away! It's outrageous! If you must hit La Super Rica, make a stop in to El Bajio and do a mini-taco crawl. They are both on Milpas and relatively close to each other.

          1. re: The Oracle

            for me- El Bajio is all about fluffy tamales, stuffed gorditas and perfectly toasty tortas. the aqua frescas are second to NONE. The beans are also perfect-and done like I have never had them- whole bean and , if I may say- WATERY. I love to tell people I would kick over the trash can and eat off it, it is so clean.

        2. Via Maestra 42 - N. italian plus deli - Upper State
          Petit Valentin - French bistro - La Arcada
          SBCC Culinary Arts Dept Gourmet Dining Room - Thurs/Fri nights only - Mesa
          Brummi's - German - San Roque
          Sushi Teri - Japanese - various locations
          Crocodile - American eclectic - Upper State
          Las Aves - Mexican, but with more solid refinement - Cottage Hospital area
          Red Pepper - Chinese, with hugs - Goleta
          Saigon In and Out - downtown
          Chuck's At the Harbor, or Upper State
          In the Alley - Harbor
          Mesa Cafe - solid comfort food - Mesa
          Sakura - Japanese - Paseo Nuevo - fast food
          Gianfranco's - Italian - Carpinteria
          Renaulds - breakfast/lunch only - downtown or Las Positas/San Roque
          Scarlett Begonia - breakfast, lunch/brunch - downtown

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          1. re: glbtrtr

            +1 for Renaud's - the one on State Street is unassuming, but I had the BEST lunch there! Definitely worth a visit! (I had one of the daily specials - but my dining companions had the chicken sandwich and they both RAVED about it)

            1. re: The Oracle

              Renaud's also sells its baked products at close-by Gelson's Market in the same Upper State Street Loreto Shopping Center, in case the lines are too long at the Loreto Plaza cafe and you just have to have one of his perfection croissants. His is such a happy success story - imagine a restaurant that held itself to impossibly high standards, priced itself accordingly and soon expanded to two retail shops, and now wholesale as well. Formidiable, Renaud.