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Sep 14, 2012 10:14 AM

Pekin Paradise in PA......DUCKS!!!

I usually order from D'Artagnan's but have known about this Co for many years. Inn at Little Washington uses them as a supplier, along with a few other well known restaurants. Has anyone ever ordered from them before? Their prices are much cheaper & the ducks available are "freshly" killed. Was thinking of ordering from them this time around. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. Phoebe--I've not ordered from them (and indeed never heard of them until now), but it looks like they get their ducks from Joe Jurgliewicz and Son farm. Jurgliewicz has been around for a few decades and I remember filing their statements when I was a accounts receivable clerk between high school and college. Heard good things about them back then, but it was over 20 years ago. Didn't realize they raised ducks, too.

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      I know they're Jurgelweicz ducks. Had a bad rep in NY (polution violations, bankruptcy, etc.) and closed down...but this is their Pa division. Figured they had to be good, if they were a supplier to Inn @ Little Washington. Will report back after my order. Thanks!