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Sep 14, 2012 09:29 AM

Martha Stewart, Emeril Lagasse sued

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  1. Wow. If you can't trust a felon....who can you trust? LOL

    1. MSLO (along with new partner JC Prenny) is also being sued by Macy's. I'm sure she'll come out of both law suits barely scathed and on top once more.

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      1. re: ttoommyy

        It is a pretty obvious fraud if the knife states " Solingen, Germany " on one side of the blade, and then " China " on the other.

        Then again buyers fall for this all the time. I met an American collegue in Frankfurt, and he and I went shopping after work one evening before Christmas. He pointed out a nice set of knives in an equally nice stainless steel knife block ( stamped with a large, royal looking crest of dubious parentage ) in one store. Initially it looked good, but on closer examination each knife blade stated the following, exactly in this manner:

        Kaiserberg of
        Professional lKnife
        18/10 stainless steel

        This very poorly constructed grammer was in English, by the way. No German firm would make that mistake in English or German, as the quality control inspector would be sacked..

        The blades were all cut and fashioned from a single piece of stainless steel, and not at all sharp.
        I asked the store saleswoman the price and it was admittedly inexpensive. However, the bottom of the carton added the final origin and identification, as it stated " China. " No purchase was made.

        To be frank, I have no problem with such items as long as the manufacturer, distributor, or seller is up-front, and honest about a product. Such knives might actually work and cut well in a home kitchen, if they could be actually be sharpened as forged steel can.They might work very well, and at a good price.

        But a European protected item, coming from the " City of the Knives " as Solingen is known as, is not just a stretch of advertising, but a criminal fraud. MSLO may have to answer not only to it's disappointed American customers, but to a EU court as well.

        Exactly what the EU laws were created to protect.

        1. re: SWISSAIRE

          Are we 100% certain that there isn't a town in China called "Solingen, Germany"?

      2. It seems all the current Food Network and former Food Network hosts have their products made in China. I couldn't find any that were American made or made in Europe.

        I think Emeril is wondering why he sold his soul to Martha. Did these two think that no one would eventually notice that the knives were not made in Germany? This is going to cost them both big time. Maybe the next place we see Martha selling her stuff is the local Dollar Store.

        1. After reading a lot of the articles on this, several comments were made about the terrible reviews Emeril's knives got on HSN's website. "Cheap, dull, and started to rust." Emeril is due to be on their show today (Sat), to celebrate his 5th anniversary w/ HSN. No knives are being sold. Something Emeril was always "pitching" prior to this lawsuit. You know it won't be mentioned!

          1. This doesn't speak too highly of products demonstrated & sold on HSN either. What sets our perception of an HSN product above a "we'll double your order for $19.99" tv informerical?
            Not much apparently.