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Sep 14, 2012 08:59 AM

Urgent! Where 2 Get Decent Bagel & Lach near downtown

The Einstein @ the Hyatt only has tasteless "laches" smear. Even the onions were essentially flavorless

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  1. Go to the Phx airport - board any flight to NY, Montreal, even Detroit, leave destination airport and go to nearest best deli/bagel shop. Otherwise, you are in Phx, don't eat bagels here - go get killer tamales, tortillas, sopapillas and so on.

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      I know I know ... but I just had a craving! btw. had amazing tortilla chips at Sam's Cafe at the Arizona Center ... never had anything like them ... three types mixed together, with one being dusted in a slightly sweet chili powder?! With an exceptional thick salsa made of roasted tomatoes and chills. Again ... very unusual ... for my LA - Mex palate. The Carnitas was also very good ... even though the menu stressed tender instead of crispy. I was also impressed with the other mex restaurant at the AZ Center: Mi Amigo's Mexican Grill . Unusual Chili Relleno stuffed with cheese AND chicken. Loved the Spinch Enchilada ... again something that I haven't found before.

    2. This might be the closest:

      To my knowledge, I've never had their bagels.

      1. What do you mean by "lach" and "laches" ? Are you referring to lox?

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          1. I've had decent bagels at Giant Coffee, but they're not baked inhouse. I forget where they come from, but I know that they're owned by the Matt's Big Breakfast owner, so I imagine it's the same bakery they use. Giant doesn't have lox though, they just have a cream cheese-of-the-day.