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Sep 14, 2012 08:47 AM

Charleston: The Other Tasty Stuff

Most SC locals on Chow know the really good places (FIG, Husk, McCradys, etc.) in Charleston, and there was a really great burger thread that lasted quite awhile on here, but I was wondering if we could stir some discussion on the more casual places in town that locals and frequent visitors might want to stop and eat at. Charleston's been a place I've gone through several times this year, and it never ceases to amaze me how I can find something new and exciting to bite on each and every time. I'm hoping to find more suggestions for the next time I'm in town. Anything new? Any hidden gems, especially West Ashley or North Charleston? What's your favorite casual eatery when you're not in the mood for dishing out big for FIG?

A few of mine that I've come to enjoy this year:
EVO: A really nice pizza place. Admire their attempts to keep things seasonal with their small but satisfying menu. A strawberry bisque with blue cheese crumble I had this summer was perfect for the 100+ weather.

Foodie Truck: A new food truck that's hopped up this year, they had some steam buns a few weeks ago that were pretty tasty. Their menu is always rotating and offering new ideas.

Autobanh: Another food truck that's become a bit of a local favorite in the West Ashley area in particular I feel. They have this fried chicken banh mi with okra and a honey-sriracha drizzle that's swoon-worthy.

Glazed: It's impossible for me to walk out of Charleston without a box of these, especially their sweet potato and bacon apple fritters.

The Early Bird Diner: I know it got all the press in the world with Diners, Drive-In, and Dives, but their chicken and waffles is really that amazing. Honey mustard and maple syrup with fried chicken and waffle sounds awful on paper (or does it? i'm drooling as we speak), but oh-so-good in real life.

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  1. Isn't EVO great? I've been there many times and loved it. Nice people, fabulous food.

    Which food truck? There are several. I like Carolina Creole a lot. They are at the parking lot next to Publix on Ben Sawyer (in Mt P) on Fridays. Excellent shrimp po boy. I like th Roti Roll truck too.

    I've never been to Early Bird. I like Page's in Mt P for weekend breakfast. It's full of locals and really good. Prepare to wait though.

    Another place to consider is the fabulous Glass Onion in West Ashley. Wonderful food, with downtown attention and care at WA prices. I had lunch there just before traveling to Germany last fall for 2 months. I had the Belle's sausages with kale and wished for those sausages while in , ah, GERMANY!

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      Sue, It's a specific food truck called "foodie truck".

      Love EVO. Had a maple bacon at Glazed, but liked the husband's rasperry glazed better.