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Sep 14, 2012 08:46 AM

Ideas for Armenian Cucumbers?

We have a little herb garden, but I like to let my girls pick a few veggies to grow, too. We picked Armenian cucumbers a while back, thinking simply, "Cucumbers, cool, we like those!"

Little did we know that these are no normal cucumbers. Or cute dainty cucumbers like Persian cucumbers. I looked out my kitchen window one day to find cucumbers of Brobdinagian proportions.

The skin is incredibly delicate, no need for peeling. The flavor is a cross between a cucumber and the part of a watermelon when you get close to the white/green edge.

I cut one up--ONE--and made about 20 cups of fridge pickles. There are about 20 more of these suckers lurking on the vines, getting bigger by the day. Any ideas for what I can do with these things? Besides dropping them on neighbors' porches and making zucchini porch offerings feel puny and inadequate?

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    1. Cucumber soup. With avocado. Or with wasabi. Braised cucumbers a la Julia Child.

      Or get more friends to share with.

      1. cucumber salad with mint, chilled shrimp, roasted peanuts, and a vietnamese dressing of lime, sugar, fish sauce, chile, water

        1. I make great bread and butter pickles with Armenian cucumbers. I just cut them lengthwise, scoop out the seeds, and then slice them thin (I use a mandoline). Then follow a standard recipe, making sure to use one that has turmeric in it. They come out a beautiful pale yellow, with pretty scalloped edges, and taste great.

          1. You realize that those are way over grown right. They should only be about 2" max in Diameter.

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              Yep, I find them pretty yucky and pithy at that stage. I like them even smaller when the flesh is dense, less than 2" across.

              Perhaps better cooked at monster stage since they've lost their firm crunch. Slice, saute with butter and season with fresh dill and chives.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                I am sure that you could use them in any of the South Indian recipes that call for "cooking cucumber", though it is a different variety than is used there it sounds like the skin does not get super tough which is what is important.

              2. re: chefj

                The texture and flavor was quite nice on the one I cut and ate (I didn't eat the seeds, though). Firm, crisp. But I have read that the flavor is at its best when the cucumbers are 12-15" long, so I'll try catching them before they get to that absurdly large stage. I'm looking forward to tasting the difference.