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Sep 14, 2012 08:34 AM

Fresh Fest at Ontario Food Terminal (first time open to the public) - Sept 22, 2012

A friend forwarded me this article from the Toronto Star:

Basically they are having a mini food event/tours at the Ontario Food Terminal. It is fairly basic food options by the sound of it (salad, corn on the cob, etc) but would be interesting to get in and see the Ontario Food Terminal (even if it isn't all that "interesting" inside, I am still curious!):

Event web page here:

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  1. Did anyone else go today? It was a great event! Really enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes aspect, the great food/salads prepared by Food Share, the opportunity to talk to vendors/distributors, the countless freebies, the "by donation" food available (like any donation, fill a bag full of stuff). Here is a picture of my "haul" from the day. Shared it with my extended family and have plenty left for the week ahead. People were so nice, there was one vendor that wasn't selling any items but just had goods on display . I asked him about the dandelions and where to get them and he just grabbed one and gave it to me. A lot of other free stuff from various distributors. I really hope they do this again in future years as I would like my neices/nephews to make it down to see.
    Glad to see Food Share getting so much interest too. I imagine the day easily raised over a $100,000.

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      Thanks for checking back in on this -- I was curious about it, but had other things planned for the day, so I'm glad to get a first hand report on how it went.

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        Wow, that sound great! I hope that they do this again next year...