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Sep 14, 2012 08:18 AM

Lunch recommendations for a large group...

I am looking for a nice restaurant to host a birthday lunch for a group of 10-13 (6-9 adults and 4 children) on a Saturday. Would like to keep it in the $25-30 range and am open to any neighborhood north of 14th Street, east or west. Also, would prefer any cuisine but Asian. Would appreciate any recommendations. TIA!

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  1. Especially if the kids are boisterous, you could do worse than to go to Landmarc in the Time Warner Center. I have had a good meal or two there, it is within your price range, and it serves things like omelettes at a really elevated level, with excellent ingredients.

    I should give the caveats that I haven't been to Landmarc since around May 2011. I also went to Landmarc's Tribeca branch previously, and never had anything but good food at either branch.

    Another idea for an informal place that's within your price range and family-friendly is Kefi, on Amsterdam between 84th and 85th Sts. It's a good neighborhood Greek restaurant, not a really elevated upscale gourmet restaurant, but rarely had anything there that wasn't tasty (though avoid the dessert with walnuts because the ice cream is walnut shell-flavored and bits of shell sometimes stray into the walnut cake).

    Before I edited this reply, I had brought up the idea of Tocqueville, but apparently, they have nothing bigger than a 6-top, of which they have two, so even if the kids and adults are OK with being at a sedate, somewhat formal place, I'm not sure how easy it would be to get reservations.