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Sep 14, 2012 08:07 AM

Fri night cheap date in Midtown east?

Long-time lurker would love some advice: Making a rare escape from our toddler tonight to see the Josef Albers show at the Morgan library (37th & Madison). Would love suggestions for a good place to eat afterwards -- cheap and casual woudl be great, dives totally acceptable (though not sure they exist around there). Thanks!

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  1. Cafe China
    Mad For Chicken

    * Also, there are several Albers paintings currently on view at the Met in Gallery 916 which would make a fine complement to the Morgan show.

      1. What type of food?
        On 3rd Av:
        Duke's BBQ Ribs, burgers
        Sarge's deli for pastrami sammich
        Hane Sushi
        On Lex:
        Mapo Tofu & Hunan Manor across the street
        Lots of cheap Indian places South of 33 St

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          Wow all these suggestions are great -- thanks! Not so interested in Indian, but open to pretty much everything else. I think we may try Mad For Chicken.