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Sep 14, 2012 07:15 AM

What a rentree foodwise; not many clunkers.

While Mangeur manges and Laidback follows what he calls my crumb trail, I've been out sacrificing my body or at least my stomach and liver for the team and I've had only a few rough spots.
So far this late summer/early fall, this is my reckoning:
7.5 Pierre-Sang Boyer in Oberkampf and Vivant under new chefship
7.1 Abri
6.7 L'Office under new chefship
6.1 Au Passage under new chefship
6.0 Metro (the one in the 16th)
5.9 Minimes
5.8 I'Ilot
5.5 Verres de Contact (new to me)
5.0 Le Ciel de Paris

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  1. Interesting that three hit restaurants from 2011 have changed chefs. Any insights as to where the originals headed? Have they set up new ventures - IIRC the Australuan chef at Au Passage headed home, but then plans to return to open another place sponsored by the same owner.

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      That's correct about James Henry of Au Passage; at L'Office, Kevin O'Donnell went back to Boston/Providence to seek his fortune and in Vivant's case, I have no idea what the deal was with Massimo Ruggiero.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Just keep on dropping those crumbs.

        1. So as not to mislead: "6.0 Metro (the one in the 16th)" is of course Metropolitan, 10 Place de Mexico.