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Sep 14, 2012 07:09 AM

Toronto Underground Market: Sept 2012 (Anniversary Ed)

They're on sale now!

Do not wait until later to buy.

Two parts:

Day - for kids, from 11-3
Night - regular TUM

Interesting that they've added the day event.

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  1. Smart idea on their part to have the day event. Sure it will get its own "crowd". I hope they are different vendors though because I can't imagine them having stock for all day and night.

    I went to one a while back (like November) and this will be the first one I have been to since then. I am going with a group of friends that haven't gone before. I will give it a chance at the higher ticket cost (works out to $18.93 per ticket when you consider the HST and service fees) but hoping my friends enjoy it!

    1. Just a quick review.... I really enjoyed last night. I had more fun than my previous outing, maybe it had to do with the weather (last year it was colder as it was in November when I went) but just the whole place seemed to be more "alive". It probably helped that they had a bunch of TUMs between the one and went to and the anniversary one this past weekend. As an added bonus, the "loot bag" had a bunch of coupons that more than cover the cost of the TUM tickets in savings. Was a nice little present for the ticketholders.

      Logistically they can improve on a few things still. We got there at 5:30pm and lined up for the 6pm open. The started checking people in at 6pm (two "scanners" plus stamps) but took us until about 6:25 to actually get in. Can only imagine how long the end of the line took to get in! Maybe they can add another scanner at least.

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