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Sep 13, 2012 10:38 PM

Oceanside thread part 2 Harney Sushi

So look I know I will get Sh&* for this and yes I have eaten at Kaito and probably 90% of the top sushi restaurants in the states. A number of years ago I had dinner at Harney in Old Town and was less than impressed. Basically a club serving rolls. This week I went to Harney in Downtown Oceanside. I was very surprised not only at the quality of fish but at the sushi chef's knowledge. His name was Rob and he not only had a passion about what he was doing but was very knowledgeable . I am a fan of albacore and Mackerel. He was like "how much do you like Albacore? "Very Much” I said...he then gave me two slices of Albacore belly on the house. Called it White Gold...they just this morning had two Albacore flown in from Mexico .I know the San Diego thread is very ancillary…but if you find yourself in O’side and craving sushi ask for Rob and go to Harney.

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  1. We love Harney sushi in O'side!

    1. Good to know, I've heard several people sing the praises of Harney Sushi in Oceanside.

      Personally, I find that the overall quality of sushi in San Diego is very good, especially if you stick with nigiri. It's when you start venturing into rolls, when the wheels start to come off in some places.

      1. No shit from me my friend. I've heard good things about the Sushi there as well. Sure we have our best spots, but there are other places to get very good fish.

        Hernandez actually just did a piece on Chef Rob