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Sep 13, 2012 09:44 PM

Hatch Chile Roasting 2012: El Rey

I am about to place an order with El Rey Chile -- roasted. How do they pack them? Do they package them ready to put in the freezer? Any other words of advice? Thanks!

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  1. The roasted and flaming hot chilis are dumped into a heavy duty garbage bag inside of a burlap sack. A lot of people bring coolers with them to place the chilis in for the ride home. I've been fine just throwing the bag in my trunk. Once you get home I recommend taking the chilis out with tongs (they'll be too hot to touch still) and spreading them on baking trays to cool rapidly. Once cooled, I then placed mine in big zip locks, try to get all the air out, and then some go in my fridge if I'm using right away but most go straight into the freezer.

    Some people peel the skins off the chili the day they receive them, which I started to do, but it will take you forever if you're doing it alone. I've found even after defrosting from the freezer the peels come right off. Next year I may vacuum seal them but I need to upgrade my vacuum sealer (old model doesn't suck very well anymore).

    They're really amazing this year - they look healthier than last year's batch. Enjoy!

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