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Sep 13, 2012 08:36 PM

jersey diner sausage

I'm looking to make the type of breakfast sausage you get in a diner in New Jersey. Anyone who grew up getting breakfast at 3am in north jersey knows what I'm talking about. If I can't make it at home, a brand name to buy in a supermarket in new jersey would be helpful. I'm in Vermont and desperate! Any ideas?

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  1. I suspect you mean Taylor pork roll aka Taylor ham, which is basically Spam with much better flavorings.

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    1. re: Karl S

      no. If you go to a diner in NJ, order 2 eggs w/sausage (Empress in fairlawn, Tick Tock in Rutherford, eg.)you get this great breakfast sausage with crackling skin and a great flavor.

    2. Easy to make.
      Ground pork (not too on the order of 30% fat) sage (or Bell's Stuffing Seasoning), pepper, sugar, and a fair amount of salt. Some cayenne too, if you like it spicy.

      You can stuff it into lamb casings if your equipped to do so, or form it into casingless links or patties.
      VERY simple to make. The lamb casing is a must if you like the "snap" of the skin.