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Sep 13, 2012 07:36 PM

Looking fo Taiwanese ice "Snow"

I am looking for any place in the greater Boston area that sells the Taiwanese ice "Snow." I guess it's called the "Mien Mien ice" with shaved ice made out of condensed milk, not the clear shaved ice with condensed milk drizzled on. I guess these are very popular in California. Any locations in the greater Boston area would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I love this at SNOPO in NYC. I'm not aware of one in Boston but maybe someone can enlighten us...

    1. pretty darn sure I've had it at Taiwan Cafe in the past.

      1. Seems like others are looking for shaved snow! Just walked by a place in Allston called Tealosophy. They just opened up a few weeks ago and they do sell that new phenomenon of shaved snow. Yum!

        1. Jo Jo Taipei has "sa-sa bin," which I've never ordered, but according to recipes it looks like a slightly coarser version of what you described, with the same ingredients.

          1. There is a place in Lowell that has been on my radar fro about 6 months called Snowdaes which may have what you are looking for.