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Sep 13, 2012 06:46 PM

Thanksgiving - Asheville

We will be visiting the area for Thanksgiving this year and need suggestions. There will be 14 of us.

Any suggestions welcome. No chain restaurants, no buffet. Thanks

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  1. Are you looking for suggestions for what will be open on Thansgiving Day? Or just suggestions for what to try while you are here? If its the latter, do all 14 of you plan on eating all of your meals all together? That seems like it would be quite a feat but we can certainly try to help!

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    1. re: miss piggy

      I am so glad you replied! I have been researching restaurants in the area and most fellow chowhounds take your advice. On Thanksgiving, my partner and I are meeting his side of the family in TN. We all decided that this year we will meet in Asheville. On Thanksgiving night we would like to find a place that could accomodate all of us. On Friday and Saturday we may go our own seperate ways. Places I would like to try while in town from Philadelphia are: Curate, The Admiral, Cucina 24, Market Place, Storm, The Junction, and SunnyPoint for Breakfast. Not sure if we will be able to squeeze everything in on this trip. Most of the family may leave on Saturday to return home to TN, but my partner and I may stay. We are big on farm to table restaurants, local farmers, tapas. In Philly we have Jamonera which is small tapas Spanish, so Curate in on my list.
      Any suggestions you may have to make our trip memorable will be greatly appreciated.

      1. re: BRI328

        Typically the Asheville Independent Restaurant Association has a listing of member restaurants that are open for holidays. But you'll have to wait closer to the holidays for that info to be posted on their website.

      2. re: miss piggy

        Also, how is Table? When I travel to other cities, I like to search for good kitchen kitchen stores and markets. Any suggestions?

        1. re: BRI328

          Personnaly, I don't care for Table, but I have only had 2 lunches there FWIW. Asheville City Market (tailgate mkt) might still be going at Thanksgiving, you should check. Look at 5 Walnut or Sante for wine bars, or the bar at Zambra where they have lots of Spanish wine.

        2. re: miss piggy

          How about wine bars? for drinks before and after dinner.

          1. re: BRI328

            Sante is a great wine bar downtown. All that made your "must try" list are my favorites - you have great taste :)...I would add Posana which is right downtown as well. - just around the corner from Curate. The owner's family has their own farm, can't remember if it's pork or beef so they use a lot of that as well as many other local products.

        3. curate is really amazing. The Admiral in west Asheville has fantastic food and an interesting atmosphere. Banditos in West Asheville is better than White Duck- IMHO. Junction is good but you will leave hungry unless you order a few dishes- however the drinks are unlike any other place in town and I would go there for light food and drinks and the owners are great people. Curate blows Zambra out of the water- also just my opinion. 12 Bones if it is open is worth the odd schedule. I prefer Over easy to Sunny point and Posana as well and that says a lot because I can walk from my house to Sunny point. I like it better for dinner. Mela has some spot-on South Indian meals. 5 Walnut is fun for wine and music. If anyone in your party is gluten free then Posana for breakfast- scones, muffins, etc is a big treat for them. They are a treat for anyone and most people cannot tell they are gluten free.
          But for me and for a special treat or occasion- I would choose Admiral and Curate.
          Dobra Tea shop is fun to go to for tea and conversation. Chocolate Lounge for all things chocolate- also paired with beer or wine if you wish.
          Have a great trip. I love it here!

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          1. re: lilliem

            14 for dinner at the Admiral might be tricky, Thanksgiving or not.

            1. re: grampart

              Thanks everyone for your suggestions. So far we have secured a reservation at Curate for Friday night. My partner and I may stay Saturday night and go to The Admiral ourselves. The issue we are having is most restaurants downtown are closed on Thanksgiving Day. We may to the Red Stag Grille on Thanksgiving Day... or Grove Park.

              1. re: BRI328

                I think you'll enjoy Curate, but don't go in with TOO high expectations. I don't find the place as amazing as many here do. It's a very well -run restaurant and everything seems to be quality...but there are a lot of meh dishes I have learned to avoid. I was there for lunch saturday and really had a hard time finding anything I wanted. The shirmp w/ garlic is good, and the fried calamari is good...although it comes on a sandwich which doesn't really work all that well. The eggplant is a greasy sponge, the lamb skewers are meh. The new watermelon salad has corn nuts , unadvertised on the menu, a flavor I dislike alot. $10 for maybe 2 total oz. of salad. The pan con tomate w/ manchego is nice. I'm not trying to talk you out of it, because it's a fun place to go with friends and the drinks are great (i recommend the sangria w/ cava if you can hold your liqour ;-).

                1. re: BRI328

                  grampart if 100% correct- a party of 14 would be hard at the Admiral- it may be worth a call but the place is packed a lot. Also- call Admiral to make reservations even if you dont go on Thanksgiving. If you have never been the area scares some people off but it is actually a fun part of town with some great local spots like The WALK, Universal Joint, etc.

                  As far as Thanksgiving, it depends what you want. When my mother in law came into town she wanted to eat at the Grove Park and does not care as much about food etc, So we ate at the buffet there which was fine the food is nothing special- it is the view, the house, etc that makes it. I would go to Red Stag for the meal- which I think has really good food and then take post thanksgiving a walk around Grove Park and have a drink. If you decide to go to Grove Park it is fine but the food is not a 'chowhound" exp- but walking around is fun- inside and out. You could get a drink from one of the bars there and sit in a rocker and enjoy the view.

                  Either way, have a great Thanksgiving and I hope the weather is good for you.

                  1. re: lilliem

                    I think only 2 of us are going to The Admiral on Saturday night.

                    We been to the GP one time for dinner, I was not that impressed, but the view is beautiful. The Red Stag Grille looks interesting. I read the The Blackbird is moving next to the Aloft Hotel, where we are staying. Is the Blackbird good? maybe they will be open for Thanksgiving Day.

                    1. re: BRI328

                      Blackbird was good in Black Mtn, for Black Mtn...I am interested to see how it does in AVL with so many good options.

                      1. re: winefuhrer

                        oh , crap. is it THAT Blackbird? I only went there once, but we had a lousy experience.

              2. re: lilliem

                Hi lilliem, what did you have at the Junction that left you wanting more? We get the fried okra appy and then the fried chicken or the burger entree, and it is always plenty for us girls. With you on the drinks, though. They are awesome!

                1. re: Heightsgirl

                  I was thinking the same thing. That chicken will leave you waddling out the door.

                  1. re: danna

                    Ha! Too true. All this talk about the Junction yesterday set off a major crave. We went over there last night, and once again, fantastic! They've tweaked the menu a little to allow for seasonal items, and they've made some really good choices. The brown butter and cauliflower soup was terrific and very filling.

              3. Back to your original question
                Last year at Thanksgiving a group of us went to Never Blue in Hendersonville(25 Minutes from Asheville) and had a great dinner and very reasonably priced
                It was great food