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Sep 13, 2012 06:14 PM

Pareve chocolate chips at Whole Foods

During the Trader Joes chocolate chips debacle, I kept hearing people say that TJ's was the only non Kosher-focused store to carry pareve chocolate chips. I have an all-dairy kitchen so I didn't pay much attention until I needed to find some. I asked a few people who were sure that I'd have to go to Seasons or Kosher Marketplace (I'm in UWS Manhattan) to get some and so I did.

I went to Whole Foods to get other stuff and saw a bag labeled 'Vegan Chocolate Chips'. I inspected to see if they were carob instead of chocolate but they're the real deal. They're Circle K. Not surprisingly, they're cheaper than Seasons and probably better than the "heimishe" brand I bought, who has let me down in the past.

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  1. They weren't the only non-kosher store to carry parve chips; Shop-Rite's own brand of chocolate chips is also parve. The thing about the TJ's chips (at least for me) was that the taste was excellent, and they were very reasonably priced. (And I live near a TJ's, but not a Shop-Rite.)

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        Unfortunately, no Wegman's in NYC.

    1. They also have a "dark chocolate mini chunks" which are 70% cacao and pareve. Not something I'd use in place of semisweet chocolate chips, but very useful in their own right.