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Sep 13, 2012 05:43 PM

Emril Cookware Induction

Does anyone happen to know if Emrils stainless steel cookware will work on an induction cook surface?

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  1. I have Emeril cookware by all clad with the stainless lids and I've had it for many years. And while I love it, it will definitely will NOT cook on induction. However, at the price I paid (on sale, 10 piece set for $160 plus a bonus hanging rack) I think I've gptten enogh use out of it that I'd have no qualms passing on to a niece or nephew or even to Goodwill for someone else to enjoy it as much as I have. I have a lot of pots and pans and I use these every day. SIince I bought these I have put in propane -- we have a couple of fireplaces and big generator, but I think my next range will be induction rather than gas though gas is what I grew up on. By the time I need to do that I think there will be more choice and more control of the induction burners.

    When you go shopping for cookware, just take a magnet with you. If it sticks to the bottom of the pan, it will work with induction. I have a couple of Ikea saucepans that will work.

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    1. re: junescook

      Nooooo..... Please don't repeat the magnet thing. There are too many instances here of magnets that stick to pans, but not enough ferrous metal to trip the detector circuits. The only way to be sure is take your pans to the appliance store for a test drive.

      1. re: kaleokahu

        Hi Kaleo,

        It would be a fine test if only one were able to eliminate more of the variables, the largest one being the type of magnet. If one person trys it with a refrigerator magnet, the kind the insurance salesman gives you so you have his phone number handy, that's probably a good test, on the other hand if the next person pops out a rare earth magnet, well that's like hunting snipe with an elephant gun, and although it may stick, it may not work on the induction hob.

        1. re: mikie

          Hi, mikie:

          Yep. It all depends, that's the problem.

          Seriously, if someone is considering dropping big green on a fullsize induction appliance, why *wouldn't* they test-drive their pans of choice before buying?


        2. re: kaleokahu

          Then rest assured, Kaleo, ain't nothing sticking to my Emerilware which should answer the OP's question. But thanks for the info as well.

      2. Emeril ProClad is advertised as being induction capable.