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Feb 10, 2005 07:27 PM

Osso Buco in San Diego?

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My husband was raving about some osso buco he used to have at the Hyatt La Jolla, but they don't make it anymore and I'd like to surprise him by taking him out for it sometime this week for Valentine's.

Does anyone know of a restaurant that makes this well?
Your help would be very much appreciated. :)

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  1. My knowledge of osso buco is far from complete. I am not sure if it has to be a veal shank or other animals fit into the osso buco recipies. My s.o. and myself went to Rancho La Valencia in Fairbanks Ranch during restaurant week. Yeah, yeah I know it is a hotel and its sister in La Jolla the La Valencia is only good for Zombie blue hairs but we had a great meal and the service was very professional. It was not quite the Marine Room but we felt it was way above Pamplemousse Grill (see other posts on restaurant week below). Anyway, we had a Lamb osso buco that was just fantastic. It was rich, and lamb cooked this way would be more so than veal but the flavor! It was not overly greasey which again lamb can be. It was a fantastic meal. I am not sure if this is on their regular menu, but you can give them a call. Their dining room is a very French-Countryish. It would be a very romantic place for a Valentine's dinner, it is selcuded and a bit hard to find but that make it more fun

    1. Lamb shanks are not acceptable substitutes for veal. Never. Living in OB for 15 years, I quit dining at Thee Bungalow when they switched from veal to lamb shanks. I have since returned but order other dishes.

      For restaurant week we ate at La Valencia hotel in La Jolla and had osso buco. See my previous post and avoid this one. I have had decent osso buco at Vincenzo's in Little Italy and also at Old Trieste on Morena Blvd, but both have been a couple of years ago. You might try calling the up scale Italian restaurants and ask them if they would prepare it for you. Perhaps with enough lead time, they would honor your request. I am always on the lookout for osso buco as it is one of my all time favorite meals...along with short ribs..which many places seemed to have recently 'discovered'. I do hope you get some satisfactory replies to your query. I'll be watching.

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        Piatti's in La jolla has it every Thursday - but be sure to get there early because sometimes they run out.

      2. My friend highly recommends the Osso Bucco at Trattoria Acqua in La Jolla. Hope this helps!