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Lunch & take-out options around Yonge & St. Clair

I'm unfamiliar with the area, but will be spending 10 days there doing some training - looking for some lunch options within a 10-15 minute walk that are fairly quick and fairly inexpensive (around the $10 - $15 mark, including a non-alcoholic beverage). Bonus points for healthy. Although I'm a sucker for quality deep-fried food.
I enjoy falafel, shawarma, pizza, smoked meat, mac & cheese... I'm also open to trying something new.
If there's a great bakery in the area, some sugar-laden carbs to get me through the day would be welcome (okay, so maybe not so healthy...)
Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

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  1. OK, this is not healthy, but you will be near Holy Chuck Burgers, one of my favourite burgers in the city. Good fries and ridiculously rich shakes, too. Definitely worth at least one lunch. Though if I were in the area for 10 days, I would probably find myself there a couple of times, at least... :)

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      Thanks, Jo - sounds dangerous in a good way!

    2. +1 for Holy Chucks..
      I also like Sprout(Vietnamese) for Pho,noodles etc on St Clair west of Yonge, south side.

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        Another vote for Sprout. Their "Oh My Goodness Soup" is good. Sort of a Pho with lots of chili oil. Don't wear a white shirt while eating it.

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          Thanks - I'll have to put Sprout on my list as well.

      2. not much in this area, alas. holy chuck is good for burgers, fries & shakes. there's a fresh (or is freshii? i forget) outpost on the west side of yonge slightly up from st clair, for slightly healthier wraps and such. sprout is ok, but not great in my opinion.

        for baked goods, i'd walk south on yonge to the petite thuet. that's probably about a 15 min walk. also in that area is nadege patisserie which has very pretty pastries, and a small sandwich selection. harvest wagon and/or all the best, both down in that area, also have some take out options.

        no falafal or shwarma that i'm aware of. there's a sandwich joint, panier rouge, that's on the east side of yonge just south of st clair, that looks promising but is only open during the day so i haven't been. there's some kind of korean fusion joint around the corner from the TTC entrance (under the loblaws) that i've heard good things about but haven't managed to try yet.

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          Airima's kitchen..home of the bulgogi burger..

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            Tell us about the bulgogi burger.

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              <Tell us about the bulgogi burger.>

              Haven't tried it yet,but it looks damn tasty..

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                It does look good, doesn't it?!? I'll report back in a couple of weeks!

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                  Thanks for the photo. That looks scrumptious! Can't wait to hear your report!

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                    Alas, the bulgogi burger, like many things, looks more impressive than it is.
                    The bun was warm and soft, there was a generous amount of meat, which was quite tender; the sauce was flavourful; the cucumbers cool and sweet. And yet. I enjoyed it. It was fine. I wanted to like it a lot more than I did. But for $3.99, a great value - and good to have something out of the ordinary for a change.
                    If you're in the area, go ahead an enjoy. But I wouldn't make a special trip.

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            Thank-you - I'll keep those suggestions in mind - I'm a sucker for those beautiful nagege pastries.

          3. Delica Kitchen is just south of Yonge and St. Clair, Excellent gourmet Soups, Salads and Sandwiches. Try the "Heart of Darkness" Chili on a cold fall day. Delicious.

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              Looks like they have some good choices - Thanks!

            2. Hi hungryjoanne - I agree that the 'hood isn't a culinary destination, by any stretch of the definition, but there are a few good spots. I second the recs for Holy Chuck and Sprout (love that soup - especially as the weather cools down). And I agree that Thuet is the best bakery in the 'hood - great breads, patisserie and beignets and decent macarons. I find Nadege to be insanely overpriced, even for the neighbourhood.

              For pizza, Boccone sells slices (as well as pasta). A bit further down (just south of Summerhill), there's also Terroni for thin crust pizza and salads. If you're willing to stretch your walk a bit, or hop on a subway for 1 or 2 stops, you'll add in some other great options - Black Camel for great sandwiches to the south (Crescent street, Rosedale subway) and Tabule (Middle Eastern food) and Rachel's (cute cafe with grilled sandwiches, quinoa salad and other items) to the north (just up from Davisville).

              Back to Yonge and St. Clair proper, there's also the dumpling place upstairs in Delisle Court (haven't tried it lately but others liked it when it first opened) and Xococava for sweets and ice cream.

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              1. Other than a passing mention - can't believe people are ignoring Boccone - after MANY years, still my favourite Paninis in Toronto. There's a line-up EVERY day; typically about 10 minutes to order 'cafeteria style'.

                Apart from the half-dozen or so Paninis (definitely order them hot) there are several salad options daily plus a couple of hot 'steam table' entrees (e.g. lasagna) and they also have great breads and a good selection of cold drinks (including all the common Italian ones) plus an espresso machine at excellent prices.

                Plus seating inside and a few tables outside on the very quiet back patio - although those may already be taken.

                And I defy you to get further south than Summerhill and back in 30 minutes (walking time only) and also find something under $15!

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                  thanks for the rec re: boccone. i go by there regularly but have never stopped in. i'll give it a shot. how's their pizza?

                  can't believe i forgot to mention delica, xococava, terroni, black camel (though that's getting a bit far) and big mouth dumpling. all good options.

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                    I don't eat Pizza!!!!!!

                    (OK occasionally a white pizza - have an aversion to tomatoes) - so never tried Boccone's.

                    Most of the others I'd put at $15-$20 - but may get under $15 by choosing wisely.

                    I used to be a regular at Airima's Kitchen - but somehow just drifted away. Gets a bit claustrophobic there - but still a good choice (and also drifted away from Sprout - again used to be a regular spot).

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                      Agree that going south of Summerhill will take a little longer but it's worth it for a Camel sandwich. And if you don't mind hopping on the subway to get there, you're good to go!

                      Also adding Bagel House for simple sandwiches on freshly made Montreal style bagels cooked in a wood burning oven. And at least once...that old guilty pleasure...Swiss Chalet.

                    2. Also, if you want a good bagel, Kiva's opened recently on the Southwest corner of Saint Clair/Yonge.

                      1. Thank-you to everyone who responded - it's so wonderful to have some solid recommendations and suggestions to help take out some of the guess-work in exploring a new place.
                        If you're ever looking for recs in Hamilton, let me know!