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Sep 13, 2012 03:30 PM

Bier Beisl? Thoughts, comments, what to order? Going tonight....

I never heard of the place, but it's sold out tonight so it must have something going for it. What you hounds say?

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  1. BB is great. Been there 3 times, always excellent.
    I had dinner with an Austrian friend a few weeks ago and she proclaimed it 100% authentic.
    How big is your party? If you have a group of 4 I would suggest asking for a sausage sampler "on the side" so all get to taste the amazing wursts.
    The bullion with veal dumplings is fab. The shnitzels are also great. Nice fish dish. You cannot go wrong, really. The owner/chef is an absolute sweetheart as well as a talented and passionate chef.

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      Hi Ciao Bob, we had an absolutely excellent meal! What a find this place is! We were a party of three and I had the bratwurst to start and the other two had the wurst that is really pale served in creme and onions (weiswurst?). The latter dish was a bit too bland for my palate but they enjoyed it. I loved the brats and it was the very best saurkraut I have ever had; in fact, I would say this is the first time I really had "real" saurkraut. Tasted like it was made with apple cider almost. Truly excellent, full of flavor kraut!
      And then, not being very original, we all ordered the veal snitzel, and again, a revolution! I'm generally not a big fan of the flattend (often to dry and bland) weinersnitzel, and this was truly a surprise. Absolutely succullent, moist and delicoius. The service was excellent, albeit a little clumsy because of the tight quarters; but the waiter recommended a wonderful dark beer that went wonderfully with the meal; along with the german potato salad to go with the snitzel; again, not like any german potato salad I ever had before. Excellent. Every morsal is made and served with love for the homeland here. Dispite the high tech decor, I felt like I was in an Austrian's living room. I hate to recommend this place; there won't be any room for me next time I go! But, it is worthy of my highest recommendation. Loved it! (And for all those wo are not fans of German or Austrian food...that was me; I'm a convert now!)

      1. re: cimero

        Personally, I was very disappointed in the sausage, but the snitzel cheese plate and everything else looked great. Think I made a mistake ordering the sausage. Its now wurst.