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Pretzel Sausage/Hot Dog Buns?

Hey folks,

Does anyone know where I can find, buy, and eat locally made pretzel buns a la

http://pretzilla.com/sausagebuns.html ?

I seem to be at a loss where I can find some locally (anywhere within a half hour of SF/Oakland) and buy at least 4 dozen.


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  1. You'll find them in the Hall of Discontinued Trader Joe's Products.

    They were really good, too.


    1. Don't know about the sausage shape but my wife has been finding the squarish "slider" size ones at Costco.

      1. One of the vendors at the (Sunday) Temescal Farmer's Market does some pretzel-dough breads and rolls. Unfortunately, I call recall their name; but it's the bread vendor on the right, just after the Blue Bottle kiosk.

        1. Contact OctoberFeast Bakery
          1954 University Ave Berkeley
          (510) 207-2320
          Pretzel croissants.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm hungry already.

            1. This bakery supplies them to several farmer's markets http://www.esthersbakery.com/buy.htm Give them a call if they sell Pretzel Rolls.

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                They had them on Wednesday at Dittmer's in Los Altos, which is across the street from Esther's Bakery.

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                  I don't think they have pretzel buns per se, but you take 2 of their pretzel rolls together and it's the perfect size to hold a large brat. In fact, I og there all the time and order their weiss wurst platter and get 2 pretzel rolls to go with it.

                2. Definitely rec Esthers, which as others said is at a bunch of farmer's markets. I discovered their pretzel rolls about 2 months ago and am hopelessly addicted. Slightly crusty exterior, chewy soft interior with plenty of good pretzel taste. They are teh best i've ever had.

                  1. Ive actually been on the hunt myself, and found out that the Whole Foods in Oakland makes their own pretzel roll in the bakery, a dollar a piece, daily. good luck. and oktoberfeast's pretzel croissant continues to be the bomb...

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                      Also in the 10 months since I first made the post, I've noticed that Whole Foods has also started carrying Pretzilla! I needed them for my baby shower (pregnant demands) back in September and was able to get a large ordered and Fed Exed directly from Pretzilla. They were a big hit!

                    2. Trader Joe's on Hyde St in SF has some hot dog bun-shaped pretzel buns that are pretty tasty. A little too big for hot dogs, IMHO, but they beg for a bratwurst with some sauerkraut and mustard. 99 cents each.