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Sep 13, 2012 02:55 PM


What are the thoughts on this place? Looks like there are 2 of them.
We'll be staying in FQ and looking to add some non traditional spots.
Is one different than the other?

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  1. Of the two I prefer the one on Bienville. Never been a huge fan of Liuzza's by the track and I think their BBQ shrimp poboy is way overrated, depending on what you are looking for neither would make my list for must visit places.

    1. Have only been to the one on Bienville. I took two friends there who were visiting from Chicago, and when they finished, they told me I should thank whoever had recommended it, because they liked it all so much. The staff is really friendly; one of them practically chased us as we left because he wanted to give us all coupons for free onion rings.

      1. Okay, well ... first of all, the two are unrelated. They have a distinctive name in common, that's all. At Liuzza's by the Track, I enjoy the gumbo and the oyster poorboy. At Liuzza's on Bienville I am partial to the Frenchuletta,their version of the muffuletta, made with french bread.

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          Thanks for the responses and from the limited number, it appears the locals are underwhelmed.
          Is there any local love for Mandina's?

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            I am not sure what exactly you were looking for when you used the term "non-traditional" in the original post.

            Mandina's would certainly work if you want to experience an old school neighborhood "Creole Italian" restaurant in New Orleans. I don't think you'll find it spectacular in any aspect, but if you are in the mood for a neighborhood experience that won't feel a lot different than it did back in the 1970's, Mandina's will fit your objective.

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              For what it's worth, I'm a local. Conversations on the NOLA CH board seem to have dropped off in general after Isaac, perhaps not surprisingly.

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                I am not so certain it is a matter of being "underwhelmed" as it is just that we know these places and they are not as exotic to us as they might be to a visitor. I prefeer the Bienville Liuzza's myslef but I always see someone I know in there...and a couple of the Antoine's waiters used to live right down the street. During the meet at the Fair Grounds, the Track Liuzza's is an easy place to stop off.

                Mandina's is a classic neighborhood spot but the post-Katrina renovations leave me cold plus, as I have decried before, they started referring to their Wop Salad as an Italian Salad. it is still very good, though.

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                  I have no problems with Mandina's or Liuzza's (Bienville) but it is almost always for lunch. And it is always because we want to go there for that particular experience.

                  Just remember it is mom n pop neighborhood dining with standard dishes done competently. For a tourist they are reasonable cost touches of local color.

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                    That is the best precis of the situation.

              2. Bienville. LOVE the red beans & rice, the gumbo is great. Very reasonable prices. Great drinks & super icy cold beer. And the nicest staff EVER.

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                  I can't figure out how the OP thought the comments of the locals were that it was "underwhelming". They seem OK to me. If you were looking for a restaurant that you are going to be blown away by, I doubt it is one of those, but then it seems that the prices aren't either.
                  I am looking for some places to go with a group of 8 women that are not as pricey as some of the ones that are normally recommended by chowhounders, so this seems to fit the bill, and we are going to be staying at the Hyatt French Quarter, which was formerly the Chateau Bourbon, so very close by also.