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Feb 9, 2005 05:53 PM

Fresh Cream/Monterey

  • k

Looking for opinions on recent experiences here. There are no prices listed on the menu for the entrees, but at least they include a salad! Is the food wonderful, comprable to the White House? TIA ***kim***

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  1. Fresh Cream used to be one of my favorite restaurants anywhere, first when Rob't Kincaid was there and for many years after. Last time I was there (3 yrs. ago), it was still good, but seemed to be coasting somewhat. And it's pricey.

    For my money the starters are the highlight of the menu. Nice view overlooking of the harbor, esp. if the otters are playing. Oh, and a disclaimer: I love Passionfish :-)

    1. Do not eat at fresh cream if your looking for special evening. Its dated, unflavorful, boring and way too expensive for reheated frozen food. I came home the next day and opened a can of baked beans and sliced some hebrew national into it and realized I would have been happier if they had just given me a bowl of that.

      1. Sure sorry to hear that. They used to have the best rack of lamb that ever crossed my lips. It's been awhile, so maybe you can't go home again.