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Sep 13, 2012 01:46 PM

Les Papilles, as comfy as your favorite jeans

DH chose Les Papilles for our last night in town. Same sweet welcome, same table in the window. Fine zucchini and feta soup. Tendrons de veau with polenta. Comfort food straight from Grandma's. Goat cheese. As always, I asked for the optional green salad instead of the cheese course. Apple and caramel panna cotta. As always, we let Bertrand choosea wine, white because DH was "redded out ". A very satisfying meal and appropriate so long to Paris.

I want to note that Les Papilles is a bistro in a wine shop. Tables are small. The soup and main course are brought to your table and you serve yourself. The food is not fancy or modern, just delicious. Most of the other diners will be English speakers. You won't get in without a reservation.

I bring up these points because LP is not for everyone. A couple were seated near us who obviously came with different expectations. You could tell that particularly the husband was not happy with the choice of restaurant. No one should waste an evening in Paris because of shattered expectations. LP is simply a place for a great soup and a comforting braise along with good wine and sweet service.

My DH is leaving town tomorrow a happy man.

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  1. Manguer,
    I dooooo thank you for those comments. They did strike home with me, as I just returned from my favorite place here in the States (Kitchen a Trattoria -St. James NY) where our group of 5 (with our BYOB up scale bottles) had the chefs decide and prepare what they thought we would like----which was FABULOUS. For me, it was like a prelude to our upcoming trip to Paris.

    We will be in Paris the 2nd week of October and LP was one of the places I was hoping to dine at (based upon the comments on the board and ratings on other sites). I guess that I should try and decide which night we will be there rather than arriving in Paris and then booking for later in the week. Or booking two or three days ahead, is that really doable/??

    The delicioso aspect of the place (as you describe) is for me, what it is all about.
    Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Great points. I chose Les Papilles for our last night in Paris since it seemed to be a delicious, yet comforting place. Glad that it seems to be the case! I'm very much looking forward to this one.