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Sep 13, 2012 01:26 PM

Delaware-made food gifts?

I'm researching foods for a gift guide and am looking for edibles made in Delaware that are well-loved/iconic of the state. I'm having a hard time finding goods that are of quality and are available for online purchase nationwide. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Check out Peppers in Rehoboth Beach. Biggest collection of hot sauces around, and they have dozens made especially for them, in Delaware.

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    1. re: Bob W

      Maiale in Wilmington is a local maker of Italian and other creative sausages and cured meats. I have no idea if they sell on the Internet but you can Google and find out.

      Dogfish Head beer (and spirits) goes without saying.

      1. re: travelmad478

        Thanks for that tip--I'll explore. Dogfish--yes, of course, but am looking for things other than drinks. Thanks again.

    2. Do these foods have to be shelf stable?

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      1. re: Rilke

        Yes, the items should be not only made in Delaware/emblematic of the state but stable/shippable to other parts of the US as gifts. Thanks.

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          Govatos Chocolates might be an option.

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            That's a good idea. Mine is neither iconic nor (probably) available for nationwide shipping.

            I've lived in DE for almost 15 years but have yet to come across an "iconic" food made here outside Dogfish beer, and possibly Casapulla's subs (which I cannot understand the appeal of, and which are most definitely not shelf-stable!) I guess there is also the Charcoal Pit burger or Deerhead hot dog, but I wouldn't want to eat either one of those after they've been off the grill for more than 10 minutes!

      2. Iconic Delaware foods I can think of are Grotto's, Cappriottis, and Dolle's. Looks like Dolle's is the only one that ships online. I love their caramel corn!