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Sep 13, 2012 12:53 PM

Best Mapo tofu in greater DC area?

Where in the greater DMV is the best mapo? I don't own a car, so I'm usually restricted to only mero-accessible places. But this weekend I will have a car and would like to try the best! Any suggestions?

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  1. Sichuan Jin River, Rockville. (Walking distance from the Rockville metro, too.)

    And their soft tofu with minced pork, roasted peanuts and soybeans might be even better.

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    1. re: Marty L.

      This was renamed form Sichuan Pavillion, right? How have they been doing recently?

        1. re: Marty L.

          Good to hear. They have so many great dishes you can't find elsewhere in the DC area.

          1. re: Steve

            Wait, why did they change their name? Did the ownership change? :-/

            1. re: KWagle

              No. Same people, same menu.

              There was a rumor that they were approached by the restaurant of the same name in DC (no relation) and hassled to change, but I've not seen confirmation of that story.

              1. re: DanielK

                Well, considering that a Chowhound poster was confused enough about this to use words that clearly implied they were related--even though s/he knew they were not--this could be a good thing. Their website did imply strongly that it was only a name change.

                (I believe the word was 'branch' or 'outpost' and I as well as others had already stated, and restated, that there was no relation.)

    2. For most Sichuan specialties you very much need to get out of DC. However, that is not the case with mapo tofu.

      Although they have a limited menu, The Great Wall on 14th St, NW in DC has my favorite with with hearty 'homemade' tofu that has the characteristic rough texture and always generous amounts of sichuan peppercorn.

      1. Joe's Noodle House has the best I've tried in the area. Big ma po tofu fan and I always get this dish at Sichuan restaurants. I've tried it several times at Great Wall, Jin River, Hong King Palace, etc. but Joe's tastes most like the version I miss from Flushing. Nice depth, bold, clean, a little salty, but I can deal with that.

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        1. re: plantainsandkimchi

          I would argue, however, that the ma po tofu is only the second best Sichuan tofu dish at Joe's. First place goes to "F32, Spicy and Tasty Fried Tofo w/ or w/o Pork".

          1. re: plantainsandkimchi

            I went to Joe's Noodle House last weekend and realized it's actually the first place I ever had mapo (it was when I first moved to DC so I was still very unfamiliar with the area). Maybe it's because it was my first, but I agree that it is some of the best I've had. I'll definitely be back any time I have errands to run in the area.

            I'm also really excited to try Great Wall and Sichuan Pavilion in DC. Thanks for all the suggestions!

          2. SIchuan Pavilion in DC (1814 K St NW) has one of the best I've ever tasted, and it's super convenient at Farragut West.

            1. I love the version at Hong Kong Palace in Falls Church. in Seven Corners. It's unlike any other Mapo tofu I've had anywhere else -- and really numbs your mouth!