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Sep 13, 2012 12:47 PM

Savor Fusion - closed


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. can someone please post when it has reopened? I need to go pick up more frozen dumplings.


      1. Flushing is turning into 1970's Moscow

        1. WOW that's bizarre! i never would have guessed this place would close up! i've been in here at least 10 times and it's never been less than overflowing with people.

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          1. re: shiwujoe

            Me and Grindy were there a couple of weeks ago. While the dumplings and lamb noodles were perfect, the place was filthy.

            1. re: johnk

              The place is always greasy and as slick as an oil wrestler.

              1. re: Cheese Boy

                I wasn't crazy about the sichuan pig ear here in the front , however the Taiwanese place in the back was charming.

            1. re: bolletje

              I walked by yesterday (Sat) and it was still closed. Didn't see any work going on inside. All the shutters were closed.

              1. re: Robotron

                It was probably just shuttered closed for a Triad meeting..they will be up and running again and get the DOH off their backs. I know many people visit the dumpling stall in the back and go home with 50 frozen. If I had a nickle for every time I ordered the salt and pepper chicken with rice at the Taiwanese stall I'd be a millionaire. The accompanying sides were always a welcome respite from the smog clogged Main Street. Sister Zhu's Sichuan offerings garnered more than their fare share of praise. Personally I found her mapo pedestrian, as cooked by her son, an amiable young fellow. Sometime in October, this place will be up and running and busier than Nathan Road on a Friday night.

                1. re: AubWah

                  Unfortunately, Savor Fusion won't be up and running in October, or ever for that matter. They're closed for good. They were dismantling the signs and awnings this afternoon.

                  I didn't want to post this in my original post for fear that someone at the DoH might read CH, but I'm sure Savor Fusion didn't do themselves any favors by continuing to cook and send out takeaway orders AFTER the DoH ordered them closed and posted the notices. I was there the day they were closed. The gates were down on the windows but the doors were open. I tried to go in but was told "closed" despite the obvious cooking going on. I guess i didn't have the secret password.

                  I'll miss them. if anyone knows where Sister Zhu or the woman who makes the salt/pepper chicken turns up, please let us know.

                  1. re: el jefe

                    El jefe, like most other displaced businesses in Flushing,
                    they'll likely crop up somewhere else ... (and hopefully soon). We're just gonna have to keep a keen eye out for where they go. I'm staying optimistic. I really liked the use of the Savor Fusion space (multiple stalls, etc), but don't be surprised if another competitior is already on the heels of this closing [with bigger ideas].
                    We'll see what happens.

                    1. re: el jefe

                      The secret password was not being a gweilo

                      1. re: el jefe

                        Perhaps it was a diversion. I will ask my dai lo about it and see what he says.