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Sep 13, 2012 12:14 PM

Some of my fav low-carb meals these days, in all price ranges

As i'm still fighting to lose the extra weight i gained a couple years ago living in Shanghai (soup dumpling breakfasts) and Paris (fresh bread w/ lunch and dinner), i've been reducing my carbs a bit more than usual these days -- not extreme measures, just less than normal...i know some other veteran hounds are dining similarly, so here are a few of my current fav restaurants/meals along those lines...

-- Coppelia: all kinds of options here...flounder ceviche (which does have some orange juice and bits of sweet potato in it)...kale salad w/ a side of grilled shrimp...pernil (roast pork, and i substitute the above mentioned kale salad for the yucca) of my fav places, and shockingly reasonably priced (the pernil is literally about a pound of lean(ish) roast pork and costs 17 bucks -- the leftovers made a full second meal)...

-- Txikito...octopus carpaccio...fairy eggplant...white asparagus...lamb meatballs (which i think have a tiny bit of rice in them)...

-- Ed's Lobster Bar...tuna tartar (i order it without mayo added, and w/ the garnish of zucchini slices raw instead of breaded&fried)...i sometimes get a double-order...

-- Balthazar: eponymous salad...oysters...cold prawns...

-- Yunnan Kitchen: cold eggplant...lamb meatballs...tofu skin salad...make sure to ask for the array of hot sauces...

-- Ten Bells...crab avocado salad...wild boar sausage...

-- Cafe China: cold bitter melon...cold cucumber...fragrant fish can ask for the kung pao chicken and the mapo tofu to be made w/o sugar, though this is only partially successful some of the time...

-- sushi bar at Brushstroke: the all-sashimi omakase...the Atkins Meal of the Titans: 150 bucks of some of the finest raw fish in town: it's almost like an all-you-can-eat sashimi dream...i had it last night and today i think i am now part shark...

New suggestions welcome :)

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  1. The Cannibal
    Mad For Chicken
    Blue Smoke

    1. Txikito:
      Butter lettuce salad with anchovy and tuna
      Suckling pig
      Squid ribbons with lemon, sweet onion, and pine nuts
      Shrimp a la planxa

      Duck confit salad w/o the potatoes
      Lobster salad with hearts of palm (Sundays)

      Oysters can have up to 1.5g of carbs EACH so we usually avoid them.

      Any grilled item using the original marinade
      Beef tartare
      Scallion vinaigrette salad with herb toppings
      Spicy cucumbers
      Plus the raw vegetables they give you to start

      Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya:
      Salmon or yellowtail tartare
      Phoenix roll (cucumber wrapper, no rice)
      Raw amberjack with yuzu pepper
      Spicy cucumber salad with sour cream
      Scallop and miso butter skewer
      Pork belly and pickled red onion skewer
      Beef short rib skewer

      Mushrooms with egg and browned butter
      Pork chop with kimchee
      Bowl of lettuces with lemon vinaigrette

      Hill Country:
      Beef brisket with onions and 1-2 pickles
      Deviled eggs

      Steakhouse (like Wolfgang's):
      Steak with sauteed mushrooms or spinach

      And there's always a burger w/o the bun, and a side salad. Or burger as a "wrap" at Bareburger.

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      1. re: kathryn

        awesome...forgot about those Txikito squid ribbons -- love those...haven't had the anchovy/tuna salad there yet, as i cook similar salads for myself at home often, but i'll try it one day...

        Haven't hit Fedora yet...will try :)

      2. There's always a threat of hidden sugar or starchy thickener in restaurant dishes. That said, here are some of mine:

        Xian Famous Foods: Lamb face salad, tiger vegetable salad, the tofu dish.

        NY Noodletown: Beef stew (doesn't seem too thick, so maybe it's OK), sauteed pea shoots (no apparent corn starch in this dish, so probably not too bad).

        Supper: Roast chicken, substitute zucchini with almonds for the mashed potato side. Good fish dishes, too.

        Broiled fish at any good Greek or Italian restaurant.

        I eat a lot of food from Hot Kitchen, Grand Sichuan St Marks, and Szechuan Gourmet 56, but I hesitate to speculate on which dishes are really low carb. Even the cold cucumber with scallion sauce that I got at Hot Kitchen tonight tasted like it had been a bit sweetened. I believe the Chengdu pickled cabbage also has a touch of sugar in it. Also, watch out for sugar in Thai salads. One time, the waitress at Zabb Elee really took me completely seriously when I asked for my som tom Thai to be made with no sugar, and it tasted very different from every other time.

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        1. re: Pan

          Green papaya can be dangerous if you eat too much, too. For every 100g of green papaya, you're eating 5.7g of carbs (incl 0.9g fiber).

          1. re: kathryn

            Huh, so not quite like a vegetable, right?

          2. re: Pan

            I always order my ZE somdam without sugar -- they are one of rare Thai places that will believe me and make it that way :)

            1. re: Simon

              They took me completely seriously exactly once, of several times I asked. And I wasn't sure I liked the taste when there was no sugar at all added.