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Sep 13, 2012 11:42 AM

Anyone know the name of the new Indian Restaurant on 1st and 62nd?

And if you do, have you dined there?

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    1. Ate at Moti last week, and although it was a pleasant envirnoment, the food was just ok. Was a bit dissapointed. Their "famous" butter chicken is really just a regular Tikka Masala. Have been trekking down to Jackson Diner on University Place from the UES on a regular basis. Does not seem to be any decent Indian on the UES.

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        I don't order it too frequently since I cook Indo-Pak at home but Om and Maharaja Palace have been more than serviceable for standards like saag paneer or bhuna ghosht.

      2. I had the vegetarian lunch there yesterday and thought everything was really delicious. I look forward to returning. And the decor is really nice with lots of light wood and comfortable chairs.
        (They bring a variety of food to the table and will bring more of anything you ask for. The lunch yesterday included two appetizers, a lentil stew, two mixed veg curries -- one dry and one wet with paneer -- biryani, potato cauliflower curry, bread and gulab j for dessert.)