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Sep 13, 2012 11:24 AM

Pittsburgh trip last weekend in Sept.

Hey all,
Going to be spending the weekend in Pittsburgh with my son as he preps to move to town in the spring. We love to explore the TripleD type places and will have a car. Other than the Pirates game Fri. night not a lot planned. Any ideas would be appreciated. We are staying at a Marriot in the Homestead/Watefront area.

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  1. Alla Famiglia 804 East Warrington Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15210
    (412) 488-1440 a little out of town BUT man the food is off the charts.. I get to the Burgh 4 times a year this is a must go place you wont be dissapointed

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    1. re: RickyG320

      I would agree that Alla Famiglia is a great choice, but please note, it's not a Triple D type place and it can be VERY expensive. Luckly, Pittsburgh has a ton of Triple D kind of places. One actual TripleD place is Nadine's, is on the South Side. Home style cooking, and she will even give you seconds if you ask! Be aware that it's a smoking place, but fun.

      1. re: Burghfeeder

        Alla def not a Triple D place whatsoever. You do get what you pay for.

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          Crystal on Penn
          D's Six Pack and Dogs
          Big Jim's Restaurant and Bar
          Smoke - in Homestead is BYOB.
          Golden Pig - Korean
          Fat Head's Saloon - Southside
          DorStop - diner in Dormont
          Gab N Eat - diner in Carnegie

    2. Original Hot Dog (The "O") in Oakland has to be the ultimate Triple D place - bonus for the fact that you have to order different items at different counters!

      1. Deluca's on the Strip for breakfast - my husband goes crazy for their sausage and bread.

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        1. re: LVLisa

          Thanks all. I know we are going to hit the Strip Sat. morning. The O sounds interesting as we were at the original Pink's in Hollywood last year. Will report my comparison if we make it.

          Sat. afternoon is set for exploring the city so I will be on the lookout for some of these. We are good grazers...

          1. re: BigEGopher

            My personal favorite on the Strip is Wholey's Fish Market - you can buy food to eat there (seating is upstairs). Had the best fish sandwich of my life there, and there are LOTS of amazing fish sandwiches in Pittsburgh!

            Have a great trip - you are sure to find lots of great food in Pittsburgh!

        2. Smoke is nearby where you're staying. Worth a visit.

          Whenever I hear TripleD, I recommend Big Jim's in the Run. A bit hard to find if you're not a local. A true classic dump with gigantic tasty sandwiches. Your son will probably like Fathead's better though.

          The Dirty O is also a classic. Fries are a must for no other reason than to gape at the sheer amount of volume and grease in a serving.

          But none of the TripleD places are particularly worthwhile for dinner, so I'll suggest a middle ground with big portions of really good "Pittsburgh" BBQ - Union Pig & Chicken.

          1. Thanks all! My son and I had a great weekend in Pittsburgh. He will be moving there in the spring and Smoke is high on his list. We also enjoyed Fatheads for what it is before witnessing a no-hitter at PNC. Pretty good day in my book. Also went to Burgatory and was very happy with the Steak burger (I think that was the name). Friendly staff and good service.

            Looking forward to the trip in the spring to try a few of the other places. Hit me up if travelling to the Twin Cities!