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Mid-Range Causal Non-Chain Business Lunch in Natick

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Is that too tall an order? Need a place to meet some folks coming up from CT who do like nice chow and are not shy about picking up the tab....so no chains....no sandwich shops....something righteous but not too spendy.

Thanks 'hounds. You da best.

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  1. I've had solid meals that fit this criteria at Sel de la Terre.

    1. 2nd Sel De La Terre. It's a little fancy but you could sit in the bar/lounge area if you want more casual. Their brunch crowd was definitely casual last time I went on a weekend, even in the impressive dining rooms. I Love their burger (my favorite to date in boston).

      I also really like Zaftigs, Brookline quality deli in the middle of Natick. This is definitely cheaper and casual.