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Sep 13, 2012 11:12 AM

Has anyone eaten at Trevi's at the Omni Championsgate?

We are staying at the Omni Championsgate in Orlando this weekend and I was hoping to find a great spot for dinner close to the hotel. We do have a car and I'll be dining with my 4 year old (not a fan of kid's menus). It would be easiest to have dinner onsite, but if there is something 10-15 minutes away that is worth the trip I would rather travel out and about than to wish I hadn't eaten dinner. We need to have a early dinner around 5:00ish so he's well rested for a day at Legoland. I couldn't find any threads about the Omni or their restaurant Trevi's. Any thoughts? We are open to most cuisines - great bbq, sushi, Italian, seafood...We'll be having lunch at the Ravenous Pig so maybe somewhere that has a tapas or small plates menu for sampling? Thanks in advance for your input.

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  1. It looks like you didn't get any replies. But, our family will be staying at the Championsgate villas in a couple of weeks,, and we were wondering about Trevi also. Did you eat there? Any thoughts on the hotel and dining opportunities? We have a 4 and 9 year old girls, and our 9 year old is a pretty adventerous eater. the 4 year old lives on air and cookies.


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      we stayed at the Omni a few months ago...but we didnt eat at trevis.

      we went off property to eat -we have several places around that we like to eat at

      and the only other thing is they charge all kinds of extra parking and resort be prepared for those

      and i know this may be too late for the OP...but legoland is almost a 45 minute to a hour drive away...

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        The Omni did not have our room/villa on check-in day, and they graciously put us up in a very swank hotel. So, we didn't get to stay there (just returned over the weekend). But, we will be going back, and we're going to Disney, so the location is good for us. And everyone around there seems to charge resort fees and parking.

        So, we're still looking for some restaurant suggestions for our next trip. Thank you!