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Sep 13, 2012 10:59 AM

Italian Food near Westin Alexandria

Need some recommendations on where to "carb up" before a running event. Will be staying at Westin Alexandria. I am willing to explore a bit as I realize there is not much near the hotel.

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  1. la strada in del ray or a la lucia, landini's or villa d'este in old town

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      1. re: snuffer

        I second A La Lucia -- basic pasta with substantial servings but it is in North Old Town. Quite close to your hotel is Quattro Formaggi (on Duke Street by the Whole Foods) which has good pizza and they have pasta. And they deliver. And the Whole Foods on Duke has a very large prepared food section, likely with many pasta options.

      2. Second (or third) a la Lucia, and would also add Geranio on King Street to your options.