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Sep 13, 2012 10:19 AM

Lupa, Maialino, Locanda Verde, or Scarpetta for an anniversary dinner on a Tuesday night?

Or do you have another recommendation?

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  1. Do you already have a reservation for these? It can be tough to get a "prime time" especially for Lupa and Locanda Verde. I've been able to get 8pm at Maialino but by booking the day those days open.

    I'd do Scarpetta because it's not too crowded, not too loud, and I like the modern look of the room a lot. We did their tasting menu earlier this year and it was delicious.

    Lupa and LV both get pretty loud. Maialino is less hip, more family friendly, I suppose?

    1. Are you looking for something rustic or contemporary, casual or upscale, lively or sedate, safe or adventurous?

      Other ideas: Lincoln, Babbo, Del Posto, Marea, Perla, Torrisi Italian Specialties, Ciano

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      1. re: H Manning

        We went to Marea for our anniversary last year and we went to Babbo in July. I'll look into reservations for Scarpetta and Del Posto. Thank you, kathryn and H Manning!

        1. re: lipei

          I think Del Posto would be ideal for an anniversary meal.

          1. re: LeahBaila

            2nd Del Posto, first class all the way.

            1. re: irvingk

              I had an unimpressive lunch there. I've been to Scarpetta 3 times and had excellent food and experiences each time. My choice would be Ai Fiori, but Scarpetta has nicer decor.

      2. The original comment has been removed