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Sep 13, 2012 09:45 AM

Need Suggestions for W. 57th St. area Seafood or Italian

Help! I need suggestions for seafood or Italian food for dinner tonite and about $60 pp. I am going with people who do not eat Japanese or Vietnamese food,,otherwise I would have considered Nobu, or Le Colonial. Jean Georges is too expensive. We will be walking so, preferably within 6 blocks of 57th and 6th. I didn't know how to search for that here, so Kathryn forgive me :)

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  1. No Japanese or Vietnamese, OK, but would they consider Ma Peche, Bar Room at the Modern? Or Seasonal?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Ive never been to Ma Peche but the menu looks fine. I've been to Modern but not the Bar Room, i don't think these are bar room people i'm going with though. Seasonal is too much of a gamble , if they would like it. The people in my party are not very adventurous

      RE: tommy D : Nougatine sounds good also, ( I've never been there)

    2. Marea, if you order the pasta a la carte and skip the secondi.

      1. How about Nougatine instead of Jean Georges? The menu features several seafood appetizers and main dishes.

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        1. re: Tommy D.

          Second Nougatine...though it may be hard/imposs to do for $60.

          1. re: LeahBaila

            Had a hard time getting the phone numbers of Nougatine and of Ma Peche from ATT. But remembered Nougatine had something to do with Jean Georges. I didn't realize it was the bar area of Jean Georges, i have been to JG many times and never about Nougatine. Anyway , both MP and Nougatine were booked. Marea was booked too. So I made the mistake of going to the worst place. McCormick and Schmick, i remember how bad they were in Boston, they were worse here. I won't discuss how bad, just advise no one to ever go there.

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              Ahh too bad, I bet you could get Benoit to come in under 60USD. Good spot, 55/6. Bar Milano is right there also, but dont know much about it.