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Sep 13, 2012 09:23 AM

someone to grill at my party?

I would like to have someone come to our house to grill for a small party. I would supply beef tenderloin, apple/chicken sausages and perhaps something else, but I'd love someone else to DO the grilling. Any ideas??

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  1. Why not pre-cook everything and grill it off to save sometime. Most catering companies are going to charge at least $25 per hr with a 4 hr min.

    1. That might be tough. You want to get somebody you know will do a good job, but not well enough to actually invite to the party, because they'll be working and you shouldn't invite friends to a party and then put them to work unless they really want to. Ask friends if they know anybody who's a good griller.

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        Consider this though, not everybody reacts the same to social situations. I personally like to have a clearly defined functional role at gatherings, so if a friend invited me to a cookout and asked me to grill, I'd be more than happy to.

      2. I would! but I'm out of town right now.

        1. Been searching for the same type of person. Haven't been successful. Let me me know how hour search goes.


          1. The original comment has been removed