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Sep 13, 2012 08:58 AM

One Night only in Portland

Hi All,

I am new to Chowhound and this is my first post.
My husband and I are heading to Oregon in October for a mini honeymoon. We were between doing two nights in Portland and 2 in wine country, but I think we have decided on 1 night, Friday night in Downtown Portland heading to McMinnville for 2 nights and Newberg for 1 night. Since we will now only have 1 night in Portland, we want to make it count. Any recommendations for a must try restaurant. We are from Chicago area so can get a great steak anytime so no steakhouses. We are big fans of Oysters and other seafood. We would probably prefer something more regional than ethnic since we can get most ethnic foods regularly. We are foodies and usually will try anything so appreciate any suggestions. It does not have to be upscale, just good! Also, since we will be drinking wine all weekend, we wouldn't mind getting some great local beer, any places that stick out that we should try to hit?

Also, I saw some posts about PSU Farmers Market. I have been to Saturday Market before, but not this market. Is this walking or driving distance from downtown? How far outside of town.


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    1. re: sockster

      OP stated non ethnic and prefer regional which part of that does POK POK fit in?

      1. re: ronin223

        I've no idea what "ethnic" means. Burgers, fish & chips, and pizza are "ethnic". All food is "ethnic".

        1. re: Leonardo

          By Ethnic I was referring to things such as Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Middle Eastern...

          1. re: Dee74

            I've begun saying "non-American" food, though one could argue that this too is inaccurate.

            Mr Taster

    2. Portland Farmers Market, PSU location (actual name) is the south end of downtown. Easy walk from anywhere in downtown. A must-do.

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      1. re: Leonardo

        There is a resturant in dundee called Paulee which I have never been to but you might consider it since it is near newberg, and trust me your choices are limited in newberg.

        Why the reviews are mixed it seems because of the price for the food. I don't know if you knoq this but Oregon food prices are very low. A meal at a good resturant in NYC will run about $250 for 2, here would be half that.

        I recommend Toro Bravo and Widmer brewpub, both do not fit your needs precisely BUT both are very good and near to each other that if you do not have a car cab take the max or 1 cab ride to. Toro Bravo maybe more romantic.

        1. re: ronin223


          Toro Bravo looks great, I think this has made our short list for Friday! And I checked out Paulee, definitely something I would be interested in checking out. Appreciate the suggestions.

        2. re: Leonardo

          Thank you! We have this on our list for Saturday morning.