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Sep 13, 2012 08:51 AM


I have an unopened can of sesame halvah and have no idea as to how to use or serve it. What is the consistancy, pourable like syrup, spreadable like peanut butter, soft like pudding, liquid like canned milk?

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  1. I am used to it in sticks so may be wrong but am going to assume the canned version is similar ... it will be firm and dry (almost crumbly) and you slice it to eat plain or can crumble on top of icecream or to use in icing for a complex cake.

    1. Halvah is a firm, but crumbly sweet snack. You can cut bits out of it and eat as is or dip it into melted chocolate or mix into ice cream.

      1. lucky you!
        It is delicious-
        cut into pieces and enjoy