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Sep 13, 2012 08:42 AM

Dad's 60th [Hudson Valley area]

So I have a bit of a challenge regarding my Dad's 60th birthday. My parents live in Boston while my brother and I live in NYC. We're all going to a wedding in the New Paltz area the day before his birthday and I would like to celebrate Sunday, October 21st. We'll probably do a fancier dinner in Manhattan or Boston later but I wanted to do something fun, causal but special the actual weekend of his birthday.

Location wise anywhere along the Hudson in the New Paltz, Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Rhinebeck area. It would be a brunch/lunch. We all have to get home so sticking around for dinner is not an option. In terms of food he is pretty open to all cuisines. He brews his own beer and makes wine so a focus on quality beers/wines is a plus. Atmosphere should be unique...not something we'd find in Boston or NYC...maybe more rustic? Tying lunch in with some kind of local activity would be a plus.

I was thinking of stopping at Keegan Ales for a tour and beer and then maybe eating there or somewhere nearby? I'm really not familiar with area restaurants except for a few places in New Paltz (Gilded Otter, Main Street Bisto) so any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. When I read that your dad brews beer, I immediately thought The Guilded Otter, but then I see you already have that covered! I LOVE that place. Very fun and unique and good call on stopping by at Keegan Ales.

    Also - good local activity - maybe apple picking at Dressel or Apple Hill Farms?

    1. What about the CIA? It's in Hyde Park.

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        I don't think the restaurants are open on Sunday and my parents have already been. Good idea though.

      2. I keep forgetting to write a review of this place-- but if your dad likes beer, there is an awesome new brewery in Newburgh.
        They have a guy from Brooklyn brewery concocting all sorts of interesting beers of which I have enjoyed the gose and cream ale, though my husband prefers the stout. The brewery used to be a paper factory and they completely renovated it while preserving a lot of the interesting original features. It is super casual and VERY unique. They have a limited but delicious food menu (the sausage and peppers is VERY spicy so be warned!) and gorgeous wooden tables made from the floor they had to rip up to fit in all the brewing equipment. Also they have a full stock of board games!
        Views of the river too.... great place to spend a couple hours for a beer lover!

        1. Not sure how "unique" these places are, but they all offer nice rooms with good food, and they all open at noon on Sundays (at least according to their websites): Violette (Woodstock); Cucina (Woodstock); and Le Canard Enchaine (Kingston). I love A Tavola, in New Paltz, but they don't open until 5 PM.

          1. I've heard great things about The Mountain Brauhaus (, but it might be too casual. Global Palate Restaurant in West Park (near New Paltz) ( has a great brunch menu.