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Sep 13, 2012 08:18 AM

TAMPA ybor birthday dinner

hi all -- i moved to st. pete in june and i have a birthday coming up so i thought i'd take a trip across the bay and enjoy dinner and a night out in ybor.

i've not yet set foot in tampa, so i need some direction as to where to go for a casual but delicious birthday dinner for a small party. interested in craft beer, cheese & charcuterie, good atmosphere -- always a sucker for a gastro pub (think the ravenous pig bar in orlando). does this exist in the bay area?

i'd like to stay close to ybor if possible but i'd be willing to drive elsewhere if it's the right restaurant.

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  1. Pour House at Grand Central - no food but decent places near by to eat
    Cigar City Brewing - same, no food
    Datz - love this place, good food and beer
    Side Berns - more of the food you are looking for; i enjoy their drinks but good beer available too
    The Bricks of Ybor - probably your best bet overall

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      I second Datz - nice atmosphere, good drinks.
      You may want to check out Ella's- maybe a bit closer to Ybor than Datz, and I like their food better.
      Haven't been to Bricks of Ybor, but I've heard good things. Other than Bricks, probably no good options in Ybor if RP is your measuring stick.

    2. Datz or try Edison on Kennedy - Jeannie Pierola's new restaurant is really something special (reminds me of gastro pubs in larger cities). Great selection of craft beers, too.

      1. I was unimpressed with the Bricks. Just simple sandwiches and some badly-executed cooking. If i had made the soup they served me, i would have thrown it out as a failure. They continued to serve it after i sent mine back as unpalatable and badly prepared.

        As for the rest of Ybor (which has more bars than good restaurants): The Tampa Bay Brewing Co has good fresh beers and solid pub grub. The Columbia has good dinners but i would avoid it during peak times on weekends. El Terrazzo and Bernini both serve decent Italian food. Sundays' does good meals as well, including brunch. El Peurto is a simple Argentinian Grill off the beaten path--- i've had nothing but good meals there. All of these places are in Ybor. Ravenous PIg they are not, but you asked for Ybor...

        Outside Ybor, I find Pane Rustica better than Datz overall, but both have their strengths. Finish with a visit to Bern's dessert room.